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Taxes? Accounting? Specializes in small business? Check, check, check. At PSA CPA, we offer end-to-end tax preparation, small-business accounting and bookkeeping, and payroll services – all with a smile! Whether you’re looking for friendly expertise, real-time feedback on a new business venture or accounting question, or simply want to file your taxes and discuss the details with an expert – look no further and give us a call or email! We grow as you grow because your success is our bottom line!

PSA CPA is a regional CPA and tax firm serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area since 1992. We have a diversified client base of small and medium-sized businesses throughout every industry, as well as individual clients across the spectrum.

PSA CPA is a firm for our times: attentive to the details for each individual or business, creative with our solutions, and ambitious in saving our clients as much in tax savings as is possible. We are committed to providing all of our businesses and individual clients, whether large or small, with world-class service. Our comprehensive experience allows us to efficiently address our clients’ issues and to produce effective and timely solutions.

We attribute our growth to our unwavering commitment to client service, which is demonstrated by our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.

Mission Statement

We offer a lot more than accounting, tax, and payroll services. We help individuals and businesses achieve efficiency, growth, and profitability, and equally important — we protect our clients’ right to privacy and confidentiality. If you have any questions about our services, please reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


PSA CPA is one of the leading firms in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. By combining our expertise, experience and the energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention.

Our high standards, service and specialized staff spell the difference between our outstanding performance, and other firms. We make sure that every client is served by the expertise of our whole firm.


We are responsive in order to meet the needs of our clients. Companies that choose us rely on competent advice from proficient experts. We provide total financial services to individuals, large and small businesses and other agencies.

To see a listing of our services, please take a moment and look at our services page. Because we get new business from the people who know us best, client referrals have fueled our growth in the recent years.

Through hard work, we have earned the respect of the business and financial communities. This respect illustrates our diverse talents, dedication and ability to respond quickly.


An accounting firm is known for the quality of its service. Our reputation reflects the high standards we demand of ourselves.  Our primary goal as a trusted advisor is to be available to provide insightful advice to enable our clients to make informed financial decisions. We do not accept anything less from ourselves and this is what we deliver to you.

Annual participation in Continuing Professional Education courses offered by local chapters of national accounting and tax associations keeps us on the leading edge of ever-changing tax laws and accounting methods.

Our high service quality and loyal clients are the result of our commitment to excellence.

We are here to answer all of your questions, as they impact both your tax and financial situations. Please reach out at any time!

PSA CPA BBB Business Review

Meet Our Team

Parminder (Sonny) Singh Ahuja, CPA

President and CEO

Sonny specializes in:
Tax Planning for Small Businesses and Individuals.

Years in the industry:
35+ years

Fun fact about Sonny:
Sonny LOVES to dance, especially to Bhangra music! Sonny is also fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.

George Oluwaboro, CPA

Director of Accounting

George specializes in:
Accounting and Audits

Years in the industry:
25+ years

Fun fact about George:
George loves cooking and entertaining friends. George is also fluent in Yoruba.

Michael McIlhargey, CPA

Tax Manager

Michael specializes in:
Accounting and Tax Services

Years in the industry:
10+ years

Fun fact about Michael:
Mike loves to tinker with computers, radios, and other electronics. When he isn't tinkering inside, he loves to get out to fish, kayak, or work in his vegetable garden.

Pervaan Ahuja

Vice President

Pervaan specializes in:
Business Operations, Growth and Marketing, Cryptocurrency

Years in the industry:
6+ years

Fun fact about Pervaan:
Pervaan is an adventurous foodie who loves beach activities like scuba diving and jet skiing. He's into video games, riding his motorcycle and electric scooter, and enjoys watching anime and other TV shows with his wife. Pervaan prides himself on his ability to connect with any person, and he's adept at optimizing businesses with his creative problem-solving. He speaks Punjabi, Hindi, and some Spanish.

Tara Baatar

Senior Accountant

Tara specializes in:
Accounting, QuickBooks, Taxes, and Payroll Services

Years in the industry:
7+ years

Fun fact about Tara:
Tara likes to go hiking and loves to read books! Tara is also fluent in Mongolian and can speak some Russian.

Nilufer Jiwa, MACCT


Nilufer specializes in:
Payroll Services and Reporting

Years in the industry:
20+ years

Fun fact about Nilufer:
Nilufer loves to sing and read. She is fluent in Urdu, Gujarati, and Swahili.

Hargobind Suri, EA

Staff Accountant, Senior Tax Preparer

Hargobind specializes in:
Accounting, Taxes, and Quickbooks services. Hargobind is an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the IRS

Years in the industry:
7+ years

Fun fact about Hargobind:
Hargobind likes to travel and loves Indian music and food! Hargobind is also fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.

Irina Krupina

Staff Accountant

Irina specializes in:
Accounting services

Years in the industry:
25+ years

Fun fact about Irina:
Irina enjoys walking and daydreaming at the beach! Irina is also fluent in Russian.

Babak Sattari

Staff Accountant

Babak specializes in:
Accounting and Audits

Years in the industry:
10+ years

Fun fact about Babak:
Babak loves nature and the outdoors! Babak is also fluent in Farsi and Azerbaijani.

Haolenlal Gangte


Haolenlal specializes in:
Accounting and Payroll

Years in the industry:
3+ years

Fun fact about Haolenlal:
Haolenlal is a music-loving enthusiast who once toured with his band, bringing melodies to countless ears. When he's not jamming out, you can find him cycling through the serene countryside he used to call home.

April White

Executive Assistant

April specializes in:
Creating smiles and good memories for our clients

Years in the industry:
10+ years

Fun fact about April:
April loves baby hippos and baby cows!

Veronica (Ronnie) Lee

Receptionist Secretary, Marketing Assistant

Ronnie specializes in:
Office Administration and Social Media Marketing

Years in the industry:
3+ years

Fun fact about Ronnie:
Ronnie loves Broadway musicals, cats (but not the Broadway Musical “Cats”), and her favorite food is lasagna. Ronnie can also speak some Spanish.


Seema Singh

Excellet Professional Service

Jennifer Herlihy

Very efficient, friendly and user friendly websites. They meet in person and online! Super happy to have them help with my taxes. Huge sigh of relief.

Nikhil Balakumar

PSA CPA is an incredible firm that can meet both your individual and business tax needs! Sunny (the CEO) and Pervaan (VP of Ops) bring a personalized and thoughtful approach to each client’s needs. I trust them to manage my taxes personally and for my consulting company. Additional benefits are their knowledge of tax compliance for cryptocurrencies. Highly recommend!

Sasanka Sharma

2 years ago , we were looking for an Indian CPA and found PSA CPA based on the Google reviews. Went there to do my 2021 taxes and they charged me $1800. The tax preparer Mr. Sonny Singh was in such a hurry that he made me write a Check of $10k plus to the state of Maryland. Which I did . We made $12k plus extra estimated tax payment already to the state of Maryland by then , and he had all the information. 

McKenzie Figur

This is my second year having my taxes done here! Incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and efficient! Also willing to help with tax related questions throughout the year. Such a pleasant experience – 10/10 recommend this business!!

Rachele Maurer

Wonderful customer service. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and kind staff.

Nicki Mazza

Sonny is friendly and helpful and gives great advice. Highly recommend!

Gurdev Anand

AMAZING service and knowledgable folks. Thankful to have PSA CPA in my corner – I can rest easy knowing experts are doing my taxes. Don’t hesitate reaching out to them, just do it. Not only do they do a great job, they explain everything patiently to you so you know the “why” behind it. Exemplary service!

Cameron Sewell

I have been coming here for two years to get my taxes done and could not be happier. Sonny is very friendly, efficient, and helpful! Highly recommend!

Ryan Boasi

Quick and professional, Sonny is a prince amongst PCAs.

Ephraim Atkinson

The people were a real pleasure to work with. Great communication, and had the patience to work through a tricky issue. Tax season was far less stressful this year. Will recommend to others.

Corey McMillan

Working with Sonny & PSA CPA has been nothing but a positive experience. We have been doing our taxes with them for three years now, and every time has been a pleasure. Sonny is extremely knowledgeable and personable, and continually provides outstanding service.

Chris Rowe

I could not be more satisfied and pleased with the careful customer service of the firm. It is a pleasure and much help always to work with Sonny. He’s helped me out a lot w my taxes over the years.

Beth Kennington

Sonny is very knowledgeable and responsive. Highly recommend him!>

Reniece Weaver

5 stars for these rockstars!! Sonny and his team have been amazing. From my very first phone call, I experienced kindness and professionalism. I was short on time and was able to get an initial appointment the same day. I inquired at 9am and was scheduled for the afternoon!

Reniece Weaver

5 stars for these rockstars!! Sonny and his team have been amazing. From my very first phone call, I experienced kindness and professionalism. I was short on time and was able to get an initial appointment the same day. I inquired at 9am and was scheduled for the afternoon!

Jamila Boddie

Sonny and his team are amazing, very timely and always attentive. I’ve been using them for over 6 years now.

Andrew Hill

Sonny helped me navigate the sale of my elderly parents 2nd home. He was super patient, took the time to make sure that I understood all of the different taxes and ways that you can help legally reduce your tax burden. Why 5 stars? Sonny treated my family like his family.

Robert Pierce III

PSA CPA has been doing the taxes and assisting with the financials review of my employer for a number of years. I have personally been working with Sonny for 2 years now and I would highly recommend PSA CPA and Sonny for a great deal of accounting and financial needs.

Phil Bewerunge

Two years ago, I was in the market for a tax CPA and found Sonny’s practice on Yelp. I wanted a more strategic relationship with my tax preparer – I needed someone who would see the big picture, provide proactive guidance, and maintain a very personal relationship with his clients to the point where they wouldn’t hesitate to call him with any questions.

Emil Pagliarulo

I’ve used Sonny for a couple of years now. Best random search I ever did! I had a pretty complicated tax situation – far beyond what I would normally do myself – and Sonny handled it efficiently and expertly. Communication is always fast and clear, and my refund spoke for itself. Highly recommended!

William Johnston

Prompt and dedicated support when I needed it the most


We started doing our taxes here after they became too complicated to do ourselves online. He is a very friendly person and quick to respond. So far the process has been very easy and it’s one less thing for me to think about during the year.

Jeanette Dexter

Wonderful service! Back next year!


Why did we only just now have Sunny do our taxes? Heard from a friend this CPA firm was worth the time. 100% true- we are seriously kicking ourselves for only coming here in 2022. Why stress at home for weeks/months when you can make an appointment, spend a bit of time collecting your tax docs, and then deal with a pro like the CPAs at PSA.

Saurav Sharma

I have been using Sonny for the last couple of years. He is responsive and knowledgeable about the taxation domain. Sonny is personable and prepared for our appointments. We certainly recommend him.

Panos Kammenos

Courteous communication, deep knowledge on all taxation issues combined with accuracy, professionalism and punctuality, it is a service hard to beat today. I have been their customer for over 35 years and never had a complaint

Jessica Brown

I’m very grateful to have Sonny as my accountant. He advised me to apply for the PPP, I didn’t think I qualified. Without him, I never would have realized I could have access to that income. He is really knowledgeable and smart, but most of all, he’s a great human being.

Dash Dalrymple

I am extremely happy with my decision to visit Sonny and his team! In the short time I met with Sonny, he was able to thoroughly answer all of my questions and he even explained some nuances in tax laws that were new to me–even after hours of extensive online research on my own.

Shahnam Yazdani

Sonny is always responsive and very knowledgable. He has been such a great help throughout the years. I would highly recommend him and his team!

Damone Brown

This is my family’s first experience using Sonny for our taxes after having a bad experience elsewhere. He is extremely knowledgeable and a joy to work with. He was kind, personable, and prepared for our appointment. We certainly recommend and plan to never go anywhere else. Thank you!

Jorge Pardo

I started working as an independent contractor 2 years ago, and I need help navigating the tax laws that applied to my new situation. Sonny took the time to explain what expenses could be claimed and what options I had to minimize my tax liability. He is knowledgeable, very easy to talk with and dedicated to provide excellent service to his clients. I am a happy returning customer.

Mary Crenshaw

He is not only very knowledgeable but understands and listens to what you have to say. By far the best COA ever! Give him a try he is truly amazing!! AAA Mary Crenshaw

Hali Dowless

Sonny is a great guy to work with. I started using him several years ago. Now he does my entire family taxes. He is always available to answer my questions and provide professional advice whenever I need it. Thank you Sonny.

nikos marmaras

Dealing with Sonny in a complex business and personal tax issues made my life easier. Explaining all options thoroughly and all steps that needed to be taken to be resolved. Highly highly recommended. Thank you Sonny for your expertise!!

franco de leon

Formalidad en su trabajo

Padraig Burns

Truly a great group of people to work with! Professional, conscientious, responsive and trusted advisors in all matters of personal and business accounting, finance, licensing and tax planning!

Amita Mongia

Sonny Ahuja has been doing my personal and business taxes for over a decade. I have found him to be so helpful and knowledgable in the field of accounting and tax preparation. It is however his integrity and personal care that create peace of mind and ultimately the reason that I have been using his expertise over the years. Highly recommended!

Keith Krokyn

Sonny Ahuja is thorough, patient and understanding. He rapidly assesses the circumstances and the financial overview never escapes him. He’s always available for an unexpected accounting question! Tremendous service!

vineet b

Have been working with Sunny for the past 20 years, and going strong. He is very knowledgeable and well informed. Additionally he is very responsive and easy to work with.

Jennifer G.

Sonny was an absolute pleasure to work with. He helped me file my taxes for the first time. He made the process so simple.

Oliver J.

I’m a CPA, although I don’t practice tax. 2019 was the first year I worked with Sonny to do my personal income taxes (I haven’t worked with him in any other…

Jason James

My experience with PSACPA has been excellent! The advice and consultation from the team has been a benefit to my family and my financial life. I would recommend PSACPA to my friends and family and to you! Singh and his team can help you navigate the uncertain financial waters of today. I am a permanent part of the PSACPA family! The service and response is unmatched!

Adam Kuszak

Parminder “Sonny” is highly knowledgeable, very efficient, and friendly. He helped knock out our federal and state taxes, which included filings beyond the 1040 very quickly. Great to work with.

Jacob Waheed

Sonny and his team are the best there is. They are very professional, respectful and friendly. We have trusted Sonny for years and plan to use his expert help for years to come.

Glenda Gregg

Sonny and his PSACPA Team is awesome! Sony is warm and welcoming. He has great experience and knowledge as a accountant. The team is always to open and available to assist and provide you with excellent customer service. There isn’t a long wait to schedule an appointment.

Sherry Goudas

100% recommend!

John Henise

Sonny is great. Very knowledgeable and was able to take care of everything we needed very quickly.

Miranda C.

Hidden Gem: Found Sonny on Yelp, he is excellent! I researched extensively ahead of time for an accountant that would treat my family like his and finally…

David Lu

I found Sonny through Yelp and Google; both had stellar reviews of his services so I shot him a Yelp message to ask about an appointment. Sonny is super responsive on every channel (Yelp, email, phone) and he shot me a message back within minutes. I set up an appointment to meet him on a Saturday and within an hour, my taxes were basically done. 

Oe Bhm

Sonny is personable, professional, prompt, and most proficient. We appreciate his excellent work on our taxes, and sound advice…

Henriot St Gerard

They were quick to respond to my inquiry on my taxes and set a timely appointment to meet with them. Additionally, I was given good advice moving forward and the opportunity to follow up with questions should anything come up in the future with my tax situation. Highly recommend.

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