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Meet Our Team

Parminder (Sonny) Singh Ahuja, CPA

President and CEO

Sonny specializes in:
Tax Planning for Small Businesses and Individuals.

Years in the industry:
35+ years

Fun fact about Sonny:
Sonny LOVES to dance, especially to Bhangra music! Sonny is also fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.

George Oluwaboro, CPA

Director of Accounting

George specializes in:
Accounting and Audits

Years in the industry:
25+ years

Fun fact about George:
George loves cooking and entertaining friends. George is also fluent in Yoruba.

Michael McIlhargey, CPA

Tax Manager

Michael specializes in:
Accounting and Tax Services

Years in the industry:
10+ years

Fun fact about Michael:
Mike loves to tinker with computers, radios, and other electronics. When he isn’t tinkering inside, he loves to get out to fish, kayak, or work in his vegetable garden.

Pervaan Ahuja

Vice President

Pervaan specializes in:
Business Operations, Growth and Marketing, Cryptocurrency

Years in the industry:
5+ years

Fun fact about Pervaan:
Pervaan is an adventurous foodie who loves beach activities like scuba diving and jet skiing. He’s into video games, riding his motorcycle and electric scooter, and enjoys watching anime and other TV shows with his wife. Pervaan prides himself on his ability to connect with any person, and he’s adept at optimizing businesses with his creative problem-solving. He speaks Punjabi, Hindi, and some Spanish.

Tara Baatar

Senior Accountant

Tara specializes in:
Accounting, QuickBooks, Taxes, and Payroll Services

Years in the industry:
6+ years

Fun fact about Tara:
Tara likes to go hiking and loves to read books! Tara is also fluent in Mongolian and can speak some Russian.

Nilufer Jiwa, MACCT


Nilufer specializes in:
Payroll Services and Reporting

Years in the industry:
20+ years

Fun fact about Nilufer:
Nilufer loves to sing and read. She is fluent in Urdu, Gujarati, and Swahili.

Hargobind Suri, EA

Staff Accountant, Senior Tax Preparer

Hargobind specializes in:
Accounting, Taxes, and Quickbooks services. Hargobind is an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the IRS

Years in the industry:
6+ years

Fun fact about Hargobind:
Hargobind likes to travel and loves Indian music and food! Hargobind is also fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.

Irina Krupina

Staff Accountant

Irina specializes in:
Accounting services

Years in the industry:
25+ years

Fun fact about Irina:
Irina enjoys walking and daydreaming at the beach! Irina is also fluent in Russian.

Babak Sattari

Staff Accountant

Babak specializes in:
Accounting and Audits

Years in the industry:
10+ years

Fun fact about Babak:
Babak loves nature and the outdoors! Babak is also fluent in Farsi and Azerbaijani.

Haolenlal Gangte


Haolenlal specializes in:
Accounting and Payroll

Years in the industry:
3+ years

Fun fact about Haolenlal:
Haolenlal is a music-loving enthusiast who once toured with his band, bringing melodies to countless ears. When he’s not jamming out, you can find him cycling through the serene countryside he used to call home.

April White

Executive Assistant

April specializes in:
Creating smiles and good memories for our clients

Years in the industry:
9+ years

Fun fact about April:
April loves baby hippos and baby cows!

Veronica (Ronnie) Lee

Receptionist Secretary, Marketing Assistant

Ronnie specializes in:
Office Administration and Social Media Marketing

Years in the industry:
2+ years

Fun fact about Ronnie:
Ronnie loves Broadway musicals, cats (but not the Broadway Musical “Cats”), and her favorite food is lasagna. Ronnie can also speak some Spanish.

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